Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Man's New Sweater

Look what mommy made me!

I think he looks pleased. I know I am.

I finished all the knitting several weeks ago, I just hadn't sewn the arms onto the body. Turns out seaming knits together is quite easy so I don't know why I waited so long.

The weather is nasty outside, so I was inspired to finish something warm.

Here is the back:

Toddler Blue Fair Isle Back

And because he is so cute:

Make me more!

(oh my gosh, did I really produce such a cute little person?)

Anyways, it's cold here, we've all got a cold and we've been hiding in the house all day. I do, however, wish to rant to the cyberworld and wonder "WHO STOLE MY YARN???"

There is a yarn thief amongst us.

I put my lovely hemp lace piece on hold so I could order a few more skeins of yarn to finish an idea I had for the shoulders. It was supposed to arrive right after Thanksgiving. We came back the day after Thanksgiving, and there was no package. For a week, I watched the mail, and no package. Finally, I contacted the company and they told me that their tracking showed the package delivered here the day after Thanksgiving.

So I've spent the last few days calling the post office, talking to the mail man, in contact with the company, and feeling like a moron because everything says the package was delivered, but it's not here. (The mail man always leaves packages on the front porch, inside the storm door).

I can't imagine that someone would steal a box of yarn, but I guess they thought it was something much more lucrative. That idea in itself is creepy, too, since it possibly means that someone was on our front porch with foul intentions.

Well. Pooey on them.

My hemp top is going to look nice regardless.

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