Sunday, February 22, 2009

Making progress

My first finished prject in the new house!

I have to say, it is wonderful having my own space for my sewing. I don't have to put my machine away in order to eat dinner, I can spread out the fabric and leave it there if I still need to work on it several hours later, and while I'm not fully organized yet, at least I have the space to get organized. It's great.

Here are the first fruits of the new room.


Just a simple little dress for a cute little girl. She seems pretty pleased with it.

In other news, I'm on my way to starting a compost pile for the currently theoretical garden that we will someday have. I've been collecting our kitchen scraps. I started looking around at compost bins and they are really pricey if you want to buy an official one. I found lots of instances of people making their own out of various things, including trash cans, so I think that is the route we are going to take for now.

We have a big outdoor trash can that we bought right after we moved in. We aren't using it, so I asked my darling hubbie if we could use it as a compost bin. Considering he wasn't too pleased to see the pile of scraps underneath the kitchen sink, he was understandably relieved to discover I didn't intend to create compost inside the house.

So, hopefully later today, he will drill some holes in the trash can, several in the bottom and several on the lid, for air circulation. I don't have too many scraps, so I'll try to make it to the garden center down the road to see what they have to help my pile along.

After that, the next step will be to create some gardening beds. I think we will do raised beds, so we will need to add lots of soil. Our soil is composed of a lot of sand and clay, so a raised bed seems like the best option. We'll need to get some wood, cut it to size, and build the beds. Once again, my sweet hubbie will be a large part of all of this.

Hopefully we'll have some progress over the next week. I need to decide what to plant, too!

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