Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh, frog

Denial. I've read about it. I've experienced it. And yet I still proceed when face to face with it.

I'd worked several inches of my lace top when I realized that something was off. At first, I just thought it was my imagination, or that I just hadn't given that particular round time to incorporate itself. However, at that point, I was already a couple of rounds above a potential mistake, so this was just delusional thinking. I looked at it, and figured, "it's small, and I won't even notice it when I'm finished." I continued working, until I had this:

Before frogging 4/25

I think it was about six inches by then. And my little mistake, while not terribly obvious in the photo, was making the piece pucker in really obvious, odd ways.

You can see it better here:

Close up

The weird thing is that even though I obviously mixed up a couple of rounds, I very clearly got right back on track, because the pillar of lace continues right where it is supposed to be on top of the jag, which is the whole reason I thought that I could hide it.

So I took a deep breath, and pulled out the needles. Then I walked away from the piece for a while. Then I returned, and proceeded to rip out several inches, probably more than half of what I'd already worked. Then I put it down and walked away again, wondering if there was something else I could start that would get my mind off it.

After perusing through some of my knitting books, and deciding that while I had the yarn to start a new project, I didn't have the size needle I wanted, I returned. Getting the lace back on the needles was a little bit tricky, but with a bit of trial and error, I got everything back in place without any dropped stitches.

Fortunately, despite my goof-up, the lace isn't terribly difficult, so I've already worked back to almost where I was a couple of days ago.

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