Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burping and Birthdays

Yesterday, after we were eating lunch, my little dude came up right next to me. He wanted me to bend my head over so he could whisper in my ear. I thought, 'Oh, how sweet! He wants to whisper a little secret into my ear!' So I leaned over.

The little guy burped in my ear.

"Did you ask me to lean over just so you could burp in my ear?" I asked, trying not to laugh.


In other little dude news, I wanted to share the fun idea I had for his birthday party:

What is that, you say? Why, it is Lightning McQueen! Made out of a box, a bunch of construction paper, and strips of fleece for the straps. Duct tape also played a large role. Sure, it doesn't quite look like the original, but Little Dude was satisfied.

Of course, you can't have Lightning McQueen without a race.

That blur in the front is Finn McMissile. Made by my sister's boyfriend. And, no, I don't think he knew who that was either, but he made it anyway.

By the time I started on my idea, we only had time to make two cars, but the kids were happy to race with just two cars. I also added black paper plates for tires, but the kids pulled those off immediately. Apparently, since they were running, they had no need for tires. Or something like that.

Little Dude never won a race, but he didn't seem to mind, or notice. In his Lightning McQueen, he was invincible!

Little Dude had some very specific ideas for his party: it had to have a Cars 2 cake, a lightning McQueen pinata, and Cars 2 balloons.



and Check.

Birthday party to his specifications. And he loved it.

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