Friday, March 13, 2009

Sewing tricks

I finished a pair of pants (actually, they are probably more like capris) today, not for me, though. Little kid pants are so quick to make, it's almost hard to resist.


One of my favorite parts of making simple pants is sewing the legs together. I like to turn one leg right side out and stick it inside the other leg.


For some reason, this just seems so incredibly ingenious.

I also discovered a little trick for sewing narrow leg pant hems if you don't have a free arm on your sewing machine. Sew on the inside of the hem, circling the hem around the outside.


This is probably an old trick, but it's relatively new to me.

No model today, she's napping. I also have a matching top I made a while ago, so we'll share the complete ensemble later.

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