Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Trio of Trousers

I've been a pants making fiend.

Trio of Trousers

These are all cozy flannel pj bottoms. They're really easy to make, just sew up some seams, hem, and add elastic. Finished.

And even though the kids are two years apart, I used pretty much the same size. I added extra room in the behind for the little guy, so his diaper can fit, but other than that, they are almost the same size. Wow.

They are from what is probably the most useful pattern I have ever bought.

Favorite Kid's Pattern

I could probably completely clothe my children for the next four years with this one pattern collection.

Here's the completed cupcake ensemble I mentioned the other day. The top is from this same pattern.

Cupcake Ensemble

So cute.

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