Monday, April 6, 2009

The outdoor garden is growing quite nicely. The tomato plants are getting a bit yellow, so I added some compost that I bought yesterday, and hopefully that will provide them with some nutrients. If not, I'll have to figure out what else they need.

I added a few more seeds today, including carrots, beets, and beans. We'll see how those go. One of my little helpers picked out the seeds when we were at the garden store yesterday. The squash I planted a couple of weeks ago is already a few inches tall, and the only casualty I think we've had is chives. They just didn't seem to take.

I've also got a few plants inside:

All three April 4

Peppers on the left, parsley in the middle, and oregano on the right. This was taken a couple of days ago and they are already about twice this size.


Watching the whole process as been amazing. I had never seen plants grown from seed before, and I love watching how the seed sprouts a root first, and then seems to grow up from the root to open up into the leaves.


You can see the outer part of some of the seeds still attached to the leaves on the parsley. Absolutely amazing.

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