Friday, March 27, 2009


We've had some growth!

New Growth 3/27

I could hardly tell they were there in person, so I've added some arrows. You can see three tiny little plantlings on the top right, as well as a blurry little one in the bottom left corner. There are a few more in the area, I think nine total.

I'm so pleased that some of the seeds have sprouted.

The tomatoes seem to be doing well, too.

Tomato Plants 3/27

I'm sure it hasn't hurt that we had a huge rainstorm come through over the past two days. I'll hopefully be able to make it to the garden store this weekend to get some compost or organic fertilizer for those tomatoes.

My basil in the front didn't do so well. I think I rushed the transplanting, since it was the first sprout from the seed and I forgot to give it time to acclimate from indoors to outdoors.

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