Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Namaste, ya'll

I have lots of things I should be doing right now, but I wanted to belatedly share some of my spoils from my yoga weekend.


I just couldn't resists, it's so ridiculous. Our instructor wore it the last day and none of us could resist.


Also, I started a completely different dress last night. I realized that I have to go to a board meeting for work on Thursday. A sane person would think, 'oh, why don't I just look in my closet'. That sane person, after realizing that there is nothing in her closet because it either needs to be dry cleaned because she hasn't had to dress for work for four years or it is just plain dumpy, would probably work with what she had, dumpy or not. Obviously, I'm quite far from sane because my first thougth was "I can make myself a new dress that I had been meaning to make!"

I think I'm about 1/3 finished. I started last night. Here's a little teaser:


Let's hope for the best, otherwise I'll be wearing some frumpy four or five year old work clothes that just might fit differently after two kids.

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