Friday, September 18, 2009

Still working

I ended up having problems with the hemming, so I wasn't able to finish the dress in time (fortunately the old frump clothes weren't as bad I thought they were). I got close, but my coverstitch decided to go bonkers, so the sleeve hems were completely unpresentable. I think it might be due to the fabric, it's a kind of slinky knit. I'm probably going to hand sew them.

Anyways, the dress turned out great up until that point.


The waist is supposed to be ruched, which it is, but the fabric is a bit slippery, so it falls a bit. It doesn't fall as badly when I'm wearing it, so I think it will look fine.


I like the fabric. It's a fun mod print.

I've also discovered one of the unexpected hazards of letting little ones into my office/sewing room. The obvious hazards are scissors, pins, and the machines themselves. I try to keep those pushed back and out of the way as best I can, and we haven't had any problems so far. I wasn't expecting this:

crumpled patterns

Those would be crumpled up pattern pieces. I don't even know when they did that, although I'm pretty sure it was the little guy. Oh well. At least he didn't tear them up, although one did have a little hole in it.

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