Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30-minute skirt

I have an 88-quart 'wheeled latch box' full of fabric. Stuffed full. That's a lot of fabric. Yards and yards of it. So, now that I am inspired again, it is not time to buy new fabric, but time to use up all of that old fabric.

Like all things (including the unopened broken frame in my closet right next to the 88-quart box), I buy things for a purpose intending to use them, but the moment often gets away from me. So it's time to reclaim that moment. Actually, those moments. Those many moments.

Luckily, about half of the fabric is pink, which means that fabric has an easy home - my five-year-old's closet. She loves skirts and dresses, and fortunately she is momentarily willing to wear my creations, having overcome her phase of refusing to wear anything I made. Possibly that had to do with the fact that I disregarded her color preferences and kept buying cute green fabric for some reason.

According to my wheeled latch box, I evidently came to my senses and started buying pink fabric, but I neglected to use it.

Neglect no more. I present the 30-minute skirt. A strip of fabric twice as wide as her waist, hemmed on the bottom with an elastic waist.

I think she is pleased.

I also made her a dress out of the same fabric, although that was a little more involved.

Now, to figure out what to do with the rest of the 88-quart's worth. I'm thinking of taking up quilting....

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