Friday, January 28, 2011

Cake and Pink Dolls

I felt very industrious today. Particularly home-makerly. I actually made dinner, which simmered throughout the day, made a chocolate cake, and made a little surprise for Hannah.

She likes the little skirts and dresses I've been making her, but one day I finished one during the day, and when I picked her up from school, I told her I had a surprise. She got home, and while she was excited about the skirt, she told me that she thought it would be a toy.

Spoiled child, yes, I know.

Today marks the end of two 'super star' weeks in a row at school. Each child comes home with a daily report, and a super star is the best of the best. For wiggly little talkative Hannah to have two weeks of super stars in a row is something to celebrate.

Usually, on Fridays, we go to the coffee shop after school to have brownies, but I need to cut back on my coffee shop habit, particularly since the coffee shop is also next to the toy store, which often means that Hannah gets a toy or a book out of the excursion as well. This week I decided to go the homemade route.

This is a pattern from Bit of Whimsy dolls. I made two of the dolls several years ago, but hadn't touched the pattern since. I pulled it out again around noon today, and discovered that I had two dolls half finished. I had all of the pieces cut out for the head, as well as body pieces that were already sewn together. Since the body pieces were in my ill-chosen green-themed fabric, I decided to use different fabric for the body, taking into account Hannah's penchant for pink.

Even so, the doll only took me a couple of hours to put together. Isaac helped me stuff it and he was really excited about 'doll for Hannah'. He was so excited about the legs that he kept squeezing the stuffing out of them. We finished just before I needed to pick up the little princess from school.

I'm pleased to report that Hannah was thrilled to see her new doll when she opened the door to climb in at the car rider line. I was just happy that she was appropriately thankful after several hours of work. I think I'm finally figuring out what she likes, and what is worth my time. It only took me five years.

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