Friday, February 4, 2011


"Isaac cuts hair!" he squealed as he ran through the house, carrying Hannah's new scissors and gleefully ushering me to the kitchen, where I discovered a five inch chunk of hair lying on the floor.

Mommy fail. Again. (sigh)

I removed the scissors from his hand and inspected his head. His hair is so shaggy that I couldn't tell where he had chopped. However, as he stood patiently there, I realized that now was the time to do a bit of trimming.

All those curls by his ears? Gone.

After days of threats from the weathermen that the sky would grace us with snow today, we awoke to a smattering of ice. The weathermen had been so certain, we had been telling Hannah about it for several days now, and I even picked her up from school early yesterday, trying to miss the bad weather.

"Mommy, I want to make a snowman, and snow angels! I didn't get to make snow angels last year."

I have to say that bare backyard was quite disappointing when I peeked out the window after jumping out of bed first thing this morning. Hannah evidently did the same thing, since she told me that she saw from her window that there was no snow.

Little kid disappointments just make me sad.

Most of them. Usually not the ones that involve candy or that new toy that they just realized they had to have.

But she got over it pretty quickly, especially once she realized that cancelled school meant she could have an extended tv viewing this morning.

However, the weather gods did leave a nice coating of ice overnight. By midday, as the temperature crept above freezing and the ice began to melt, it was time to get our cabin-fever crazy bodies outside.

See that hat? I made it for Isaac, but this was the first time he wore it. I actually gave up on his wearing it, for several reasons.

1. He usually doesn't wear hats
2. It is rarely cold enough to warrant wearing a wool hat.
3. He doesn't spend a lot of time outdoors when it is cold.


4. Daddy does spend time outdoors when it gets cold and his head gets cold.

So Daddy stole Isaac's hat. He got a bit of ribbing at work about it, but wore it proudly, warmly, and tightly the last few days.

Daddy, having taking one for the team by returning aforementioned hat to its original owner.

Guess what Mommy's new project is?

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