Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back at it

It's been a while. My life became insanely crazy - of my own doing - as I decided to take a graduate class, expand my quarter-time job to a part-time job at an organization that I really didn't believe in, and plan a fundraising gala for yet another organization that I actually do believe in. All of that and raise two young children while taking a little time to pay even a marginal bit of attention to my husband.

Something had to give, so I quit the job I didn't believe in and decided graduate school can wait until my little guy is in elementary school. That leaves me with the kids, the husband, and working part-time for the organization I do believe in (Mosaic Theatre Company - check it out).

It also means I have more time for sanity, and, oddly enough, more time for crafting. There is no more naptime around here, but there is still coffee (and tea), and time taken for myself to practice some of the hobbies I love.

I have a lot of unfinished projects, and piles and piles of yarn and fabric. So I got to work. I finished a top (for the second time) that lay festering because it ended up too large. I had unraveled half of it, probably more than a year ago, but never knit it back together. Once I figured out where I was in the pattern, I finished it pretty quickly. It fits perfectly now, but it's a summer top and the weather is actually chilly, so I won't wear it for a while. I knit a stack of washcloths and towels from scrap cotton yarn.

Then I decided I should actually make something useful. Well, something cute that I knew someone special would really like.

Didn't she pose so nicely in her new skirt? She's worn it three or four days in a row now, so I think she likes it. She's outgrown all of her other skirts, so I'll make a few more for her as well. The pattern is from a 2006 issue of Ottobre. I'm glad I'm a somewhat experience novice seamstress because the instructions, while in English (this is a Finnish magazine), are sparse!

Time to go be a mommy!

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