Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been cold here for the last few days, so it actually feels like winter (although the temperature is supposed to return to the 70's by Monday).

Southeast Texas is not a wool-wearing climate. I made myself a wool sweater two years ago, and it is too warm to wear even in the short chill we have had recently. However, I have balls and balls of wool yarn dating back to my diaper cover making days - the wool is naturally water-repellant and absorbent, and so on.

I decided to make a hat for the little girl of a friend of mine who lives in a much cooler climate.

I started off with a really basic hat pattern, and added a bit of simple fair isle to it. The ribbing you can see is a very long brim that can be folded up.

As I mentioned, it has been quite cold recently, with highs in the low 40's. That's chilly around here, particularly for little girls who refuse to wear their big coats and have to wait outside in the cold while Mommy sits in the car rider line after school. Today, Hannah insisted on wearing only a light coat to school. As I sat in the car rider line, I noticed that the temperature was 41 degrees. Unlike the previous two days, which had been sunny despite the low temperature, today it was gray and overcast. When I finally got to Hannah, she insisted she wasn't cold. About an hour later, she noticed that I had finished up the hat.

"I don't want you to give it away. I want it." She insisted.

"Why?" I asked. She doesn't wear hats.

"So I can wear it when it is cold."

Hopefully she will start wearing her warm coat when I tell her to, as well.

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