Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dress That Did Not Want To Be Made, Part 2

Yoga pose of the day: Tree Pose. According to Iyengar, tree pose restores balance and poise. Which I certainly need after the dress that turned into dresses, both of which seem to be cursed.

Skirts, skirts, skirts. When I left you, I had cut a new skirt out of coordinating fabric, of which I had just enough to make a nice, appropriate skirt. Crisis averted, dress could be salvaged, moving along.

Then I opened up the front of the skirt and found this:

It's some sort of factory defect - two button-hole size cuts right next to each other, right in the middle of what was going to be the front of the new skirt.

I actually noticed it when I was first cutting out pieces for the original dress, but obviously put it aside in my mind because surely I would not be cutting a brand new skirt out of that fabric, and I would of course cut around in with any other pattern.

Of course.

The slits were about nine inches down from the top of the would-be skirt. If I cut right below them, I would still have a skirt, but it would no longer be anywhere near appropriate. But I couldn't have two slits in the front of my skirt, so they had to go.

Now, I could have just left it here, moved along, and decided to turn this into a tunic. But I wanted a dress, darn it.

Enter coordinating polka-dot fabric.

Time to go do some yoga.

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