Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keeping it Wired

I am not a coffee snob, but I do appreciate a nice cup of coffee. At home, I use a french press. I suppose this in itself constitutes a mild form of coffee snobbery, because when I share this information with true coffee snobs, I always receive a nod of approval, accompanied by the assertion that using a french press is the 'best' way to make coffee.

Yes, well, that and I didn't want to mess with a drip coffee maker.

I have been trying out different types of coffee. I buy my coffee - gasp - at the grocery store, but fortunately the local grocery stores offer something beyond Folgers. They also offer exotic bulk coffees, but those are so rarely bought that the beans are always dried out.

So I've been rotating through various brands, from Starbucks and beyond. I discovered a fair trade coffee that I like during a half price sale in the natural section of Kroger. Being half price, I took a leap and bought several packages. It is a medium roast, which turns out to be just right for my tastes.

After staring at the package on our counter for several weeks, my husband finally piped up, "I've been wondering what was going through your head when you bought that. Did you just think, yes, that sounds good, that's what I need to wake myself up."

The name of the flavor?

Screaming Monkey.

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