Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Period

The kiddos were watching Olivia this morning. I much prefer the books by Ian Falconer, they are far wittier than the show, but it has its moments.

Such as:

Olivia painting row after row of self-portaits, all the same, all with a blue background. As she hangs the last one on the wall, she announces, "There, I think I'm done with my blue period."

Hannah pipes up, "Mommy, what is a blue period?"

"Well," I explain, "There is a famous artist named Picasso who went through a style of painting he called his 'Blue Period' because it included a lot of blue."

She thought about this for a while, as I was deciding whether or not I should elaborate into cubism.

"I'm working on my pink period," she responded

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