Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School!

Actually, the first day was yesterday, but who has time to post anything on the first day of school?

Here she is, excited and ready to be a 1st grader! No tears on Mommy's part this year. I have officially moved into the realm of parenting where I couldn't wait for the school year to start.

Hannah is going to a brand-new school this year. Brand-new as in at this time last year, it was just a field. It's a really pretty new school, and it is the same floor plan as her old school, which I think makes the transition a lot easier for the kids who had to change schools.

One of the biggest perks about living in the suburbs, particularly in new communities, is that there are usually schools nestled within the communities. Our new school is less than half a mile away, which means:

We can walk to school!

Lowering our carbon footprint in one small way. Doesn't negate the fact that Bill has to commute to work or that I have to drive at least three miles to get to the nearest grocery store, but at least we can walk somewhere in one aspect of our lives.

Hannah had a fantastic day. Her new teacher is young and perky - almost the stereotypical elementary school teacher. I think all of the little kids are already in love with her.

And because Hannah is irrepressibly spoiled, we had a First Day of School party, complete with princess cake.

This is obviously after the party, with one missing princess.

Mommy had the brilliant idea of scheduling swim lessons at 4 p.m. on Mondays. School gets out at 3:10. We made it in time, cake included, but after walking to school, pulling Isaac in a wagon in 100 degree heat, that swim lesson time might have to be changed.

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