Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My children have their own beds. They have always had their own beds (although Little Dude's consisted of a Pack'n'play when his older sister refused to give up her crib for the new baby). But they have always found Mommy and Daddy's bed irresistible.

Granted, Mommy and Daddy have always had a lush bed. The original was a pillow-top that puffed up to almost as tall as I am, although it has shrunk a bit over the years, seeing as it is almost 10 years old. Nevertheless, it is still quite pillowy.

The little princess would look at her flat little Ikea mattress, that was all of 5 inches thick, and end up in our bed most nights.

Until Mommy and Daddy upgraded. Rather than get rid of the grand old queen, we transferred it to the Princess's room. It takes up the entire room, but she hasn't been in our bed since. Well, maybe once or twice for a bad dream, but that doesn't really count since she departed back to her own cozy bed after some reassuring cuddles.

Little Dude is another matter. He, too, has started to develop bed envy. He will lie on our new bed, cooing "So cozy!", and when prompted to sleep in his toddler bed, will declare "I am not sleepy for Isaac's bed!"

He is, in fact, sleepy for Mommy's bed, and will march into my bedroom with his Lightning McQueen pillow in tow, ready to nestle himself in the middle of our king-size bed.

And when Mommy and Daddy are sneaky enough - and awake enough - to transfer him to his little bed before we go to sleep, I can generally be assured to hear a little voice at the side of my bed at around 4 in the morning:

"Sleep in Mommy's bed?"

He is so polite that he always asks rather than just climbing in with us, but I know that he doesn't plan for rejection because he has started bringing that Lightning McQueen pillow along with him.

He's so cute, it's really not hard to resist.

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