Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yucky Brown Chocolate

As I was getting ready in the morning, Little Dude came in to my bedroom to inform me that he wanted milk. I usually offer him two options - chocolate or strawberry, which we call brown chocolate or pink chocolate.

Accuracy in descriptions does not hold high precedence in the life of a pre-schooler or his mommy.

So I asked him which kind he wanted.

"Not the yucky brown chocolate."

That was a different description. He'd never called it that before. I clarified with him, and determined that he did not in fact want the yucky brown chocolate but did want brown chocolate milk.

I finished what I was doing and went out to the kitchen to prepare his milk.

I always put his milk in a little cup with a lid and a straw. As I passed by the coffee table in the living room, I saw a discarded, nearly empty, milk cup, probably from the day before, sitting on the table.

Ah, the yucky brown chocolate milk. Oops.

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